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Sneaky Peaks & Great Treats

non-profit 2 min read, March 1, 2020

Phew! What a ride it's been this past month folks. We've got a lot of things done in such a short amount of time!

Colorful candy cupcakes. If you would like to support my work, send me some donation (20% goes to charities): https://www.paypal.me/viktorforgacs
Photographer: Viktor Forgacs | Source: Unsplash

We at the observatory are excited to announce new partnerships with many different brands... And oh boy do we have a packed article full of announcements today as we usher in the new month!

Our first announcement is StoryChief! The blog you're looking at! We've been graciously grandfathered a plan for being a part of the open-source initiative.

Landing Page

Orangopus is getting an entire rebrand... It's spicy! Spicier than a ghost pepper covered in ranch dressing. And it ties in with the other software we've got lined up. Just for you.

jk... here you go!

New Landing Page for Orangopus - Stack will be React & Nextjs

Ah you noticed the tease huh?

Some of you may have already seen the commits on GitHub but it's finally here.

This is all conceptual still, but it's good to dream...


You can now have a TouchOSC + TouchPortal-like experience with the new go feature on Dynamix Toolbox.

  • It's like if you took the GoXLR and StreamDeck, mashed them together with openHAB and you get this!
  • Set your username in the config.json file and Dynamix Toolbox will take care of the rest!
  • It's not fully dynamic yet or working as intended... However we got it working on an Echo Show 5, a Galaxy A5 and an Amazon Fire 7.

Now the BIG one. Dynamix!

Jk, there's one more announcement after this...

Configure this till your heart is content.

Dynamic Scenes


Dynamic, auto populated portfolios for content creators that wait for it... embed in your descriptions on Mixer.

But that's not all, Oh no. You'll be able to host them with comingsoon.streamer.host! How bleeping cool is that?!?

All deployed on Serverless functions.

We have a lot planned for Streamer.is, but that's all the announcements for today! I hope you all enjoy Dynamix Toolbox, and we had a good time making the experimental build which is...

out now on GitHub!

Happy inking, all! 🐙